Wednesday, September 14, 2016


 I have been absent from this blog for a while and a lot has happened and changed in my life. I will fill you in, whoever if anyone at all reads this, at a later date on the amazing adventures I have taken. And although I no longer take the class that this blog was created for I have decided to continue writing on here; mainly to get things off my mind. I understand no body is likely to read this and I am fine with that. Now onward to the true purpose of this post.
  This entry is about reincarnation, If you do not already know I am a very strong believer when it comes to that. Mainly because of my first memory; I will tell you about that in a little while. However right now I would like to make it clear to you that there is a difference in remembering past lives and Pre Birth Memories. Past lives are in a sense lives that your soul has experienced and lived through while in a different time and body. At times there have been people who are able to recall what happened to them in these lives. Now Pre Birth Memories are when people are able to recall the moments before they were born, or right before they gained consciousness and became aware of being alive for the first time.
  Now I would like to say that while it may sound absurd the memory I'm going to tell you about is my personal Pre Birth/Consciousness memory. I was three years old at the time and however weird it may seem to you, it truely felt real to me when it took place.

This memory has always stood out to me and has been one of the few memories I have always been able to remember in great detail. I was three years old when this happened and I honestly have no memory of anything that happened in my life before this memory/dream, whatever you deem it to be, took place. It was only after this that I would be conscious to the world around me.
  I was in a white room that was very expansive, with craters in the floor that contained a clear unmoving liquid. The edges of the craters came up to about chest level on an average size adult and were rough and uneven almost like rock but pure white. I remember I was an adult and I had a body but couldn't see distinct features on myself or any of the shadowy figures standing around the many different craters surrounding me. The shadowy figures seemed to have a humanoid appearance to them. I say humanoid because not all of them were entirely human shaped; they had arms, legs, and everything else but some of them looked different, human like, but not at the same time ...if that makes any sense.
   Everyone was standing around the craters when I became aware of my surroundings and walked toward one of the craters in the back that I somehow knew to go to; and as I approached the crater and I felt that I knew the people around it. One of the figures to my right touched the water-like substance as i got close to the edge of the crater and caused a ripple to briefly run across the surface. I looked down into the water-like substance that was held within the crater and as the surface of the liquid because still I saw a young girl that seemed to be in a spotlight asleep in a bed that appeared to be at the bottom and thus very far below.
   I looked to the shadowy figure to my left and asked who the girl was. The figure, who I asume was male  because of the voice, then tells me that the girl is who I will be from now on. I started to protest but then my head was shoved into the water-like substance, and the next thing I knew I was falling. I turned my head as I fell and managed to get one last look at the figures that stood around the crater above. And as I fell into this new darkness and looked at them I saw the only detail I would mange to see. I saw their eyes watching me fall. No other features were able to be seen, just their eyes. As I fell into place on the bed I woke up suddenly and with a racing heart ran downstairs to my mom's computer room and asked her what I was. She didn't understand the question and so I asked again but this time I said" What am I?  Am I a boy or am I a girl? ".
   Now you can make what you want of this; because I know half of you probably think I'm crazy now. If need be think of it as nothing more than a dream if you don't think it could be anything else. However before you do disregard this as a dream and not a memory look up "Pre Birth Memories" on a search engine. Browse through and read through some of them. I didn't even know that pre birth memories were a thing until last night; I have told two people about this memory because of how odd it all sounds. After reading some of those other memories and seeing some of the similarities between theirs and mine it made me think that since I'm not the only one to remember something like this it wouldn't be entirely crazy sounding.

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